Mum Bernice Hudson has launched her first app on the Apple Store, after looking for a way to keep her son entertained in the school holidays.

Mrs Hudson, who lives in Crawley Crescent, Trowbridge, with husband Andrew, wanted to create something to stop eight-year-old son John getting bored.

The 37-year-old came up with the idea for Pickastick, an educational app for the iPhone, that provides a host of ideas for children who enjoy doing craft projects.

The app features themed cups, including Halloween, Bonfire Night and autumn choices, with 10 sticks in each one. Users have to tap the cup and a new stick will pop out, along with instructions about what to do.

Mrs Hudson, a teaching assistant at Southwick Primary School, said: “Just a couple of days into the summer holiday, my eight-year-old was saying he was bored, so I wanted find something to keep him entertained.

“I’ve always been a fan of the pinboard-style app Pinterest, but I didn’t like how it would take me to dodgy links. Pickastick is similar, but children can get ideas for what to do when they are bored.

“When I was developing it, I was doing it for children the same age as John, but I would say that it is something that is suitable for the whole family, as it is really interactive.

“I didn’t realise how difficult coding was at first, but luckily my husband and brother-in-law are both in IT and helped me out. I’ve also had lots of support from friends, who have encouraged me and said it was a good idea.”

Pickastick is free to download and comes with one cup full of sticks. Further cups, which will soon include one with Christmas ideas, can be purchased while playing the app, for 69p each.

Mrs Hudson said: “It’s really cool that an idea that was floating around in my head is now a live app.

“My son is really proud and has been telling all his friends and it’s all really exciting.”