PEOPLE from different backgrounds and faiths came together on Sunday for a family fun day at Clarendon Academy.

Nearly 300 locals attended the Wiltshire Islamic Cultural Centre family fun day which included a soft play fun bus, swing boats, henna, barbecue, bouncy castle, super slides, hoppers and much more.

Attendees also had a chance to speak to representatives from the police and the fire brigade and generally engage, talk and enjoy the food from Islamic culture.

"It was a really successful and enjoyable event. To have nearly 300 people turn up despite the weather was something we are really happy with," said Shazuli Iqbal, chairman of the Wiltshire Islamic Cultural Centre.

"This is our One community event, where we bring people from different backgrounds together in a fun, multicultural event. It was great to see people from across Trowbridge getting on so well, learning about different cultures and integrate with one another.

"We are trying to build bridges so that the community can understand each other better. After all the horrid events that have happened in recent months, it is important that communities become as tight knit as possible and integrate better and events like these can definitely help with that.

"It was a wonderful day, meeting new people, getting to know each other and having a lot of fun. The feedback we have had has been great. People really appreciate the effort we put it to put this together.

"One very nice moment was when the congregation from the West Wilts Vineyard, who worship at the school, came along afterwards, which was a nice mixture of different faiths."

Mayor Deborah Halik was delighted that the event attracted such a diverse range of people.

"It was lovely to see people of different, races, cultures and religions coming together and having fun," she said.

"I can only commend the organisers in what they are doing in terms of integration and that was reflected by the range of people that turned up, braving the rain too.

"I came down for a few hours and I am very glad that I did."