THE bond that Trowbridge couple Brenda and Danny Milner share after 50 years of marriage has never been stronger.

That special connection began when Brenda was 15, working at Wiltshire United Dairies, and 17-year-old Danny, a Farma Cream employee, met at a Milk bar in Castle Street in 1963.

When songs from Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly came on, the then teenagers began dancing away and from then on, the two of them never separated.

They became Mr and Mrs Milner on July 29, 1967, at an intimate wedding at County Hall.

“I still remember that day so well. We had the reception at our home and then we went for a lovely meal at a Chinese restaurant in Chippenham, which in those days was a bit of a luxury,” said Mrs Milner.

“We could not afford a honeymoon but I do not think it mattered much, we had each other.”

The couple, of The Down, went onto have two children, Lorraine in 1967 and Derek in 1971.

Their children and their grandchildren, Holly and Lauren, will be one of 30 or so others at Cumberwell Park in Bradford on Avon on Saturday to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary, something neither of them can wait for.

“It should be a wonderful occasion. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating 50 years. It is quite strange saying we have made it to 50, it is a big achievement,” she said.

“We do not really have a secret to success. As long as you just love each other and be there for them then you are likely to be a good fit.

“I suspect we will hear a few songs from Elvis and Buddy on the day, just like we did all those years ago.”