WILTSHIRE Council leader Jane Scott will be part of a four-person taskforce to support the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to develop a long-term recovery plan following the Grenfell Tower fire.

Communities Secretary announced on Wednesday that a new independent taskforce will look into the tragedy to help the community affected by the fire.

The taskforce will engage with the local community on the long-term recovery plans, deal with housing issues and develop a long-term regeneration plan for the site that the community wants.

Baroness Scott, who will continue as leader of the council while undertaking this role, said: "I see this role on the taskforce as critical in assisting a community to focus on its future and to have the support it needs to do this.

"We will work closely with Royal Kensington and Chelsea Council and the local community to openly discuss and agree what's needed to focus on the future.

"The tangible strength and spirit of the community that has been evident following this awful disaster will help the council and taskforce to work with the local residents and those affected to plan ahead and implement the actions needed.

"Wiltshire has built a reputation for working with its local communities, helping them to become strong. I hope what we have established and learnt can go some way towards helping this community to become even stronger and to talk about what it needs to build a positive future out of such a tragedy."

She will be joined by Aftab Chughtai, chairman of the West Midlands Police Independent Advisory Group, Javed Khan, chief executive of Barnardo’s and Chris Wood, partner at Altair housing consultancy.