A 94-YEAR-OLD Trowbridge woman was the guest of honour at a private viewing of a Second World War documentary that in part detailed her contribution towards building Spitfires in the town.

Joyce Hunt, of Trowbridge Oaks Residential and Nursing Home, was taken on a trip down memory lane on Monday as she saw archive footage of herself working as a riveter, alongside others, at the old Newman Hender factory, assembling the planes.

She was joined by fellow residents, many of which shed a tear, all of whom were blown away by Secret Spitfires, which highlighted the role of workers in building the planes, which played a huge part in foiling Adolf Hitler’s plans for invasion.

“I very much enjoyed the show. It was nice to see myself and hear myself in it. To see myself as a 21-year-old working away made me laugh, I have changed a little bit since then,” she said.

“Everyone took great pride doing work in the factory and helping in the war effort. We did not have any experience, we were just called up and told what to do and what not to do, so we got on with it.

“Queen Mary came down to inspect our work one day and we were told to clean the work station and I said, “Why? We are here to work aren’t we?” Maybe I was a bit of a trouble maker.”

Ethem Cetintas, the film’s producer, said: “What that generation went through was unbelievable. This 52-minute documentary is a tribute to them so that people can recognise the contribution they made all those years ago. I am delighted that Joyce enjoyed it, she plays a bit of a starring role. In one clip you can hear her say, “We wanted to build Spitfires,” and she did just that.

“This has taken more than two years to do. We just hope that more people can experience this but for that to happen we need £5,700 for copyright clearance of the archive material. I hope that can happen.”

To watch a preview of the clip or to donate visit http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/secret-spitfires