WILTSHIRE Council has thrown out an application to build 100 homes near Blind Lane in Southwick after it met fierce opposition from residents.

The plans made by national housebuilding giant, Redrow, were turned down last Friday, July 28, after being submitted last year. The council said the development would be ‘unacceptable’ and ‘inappropriate’ for Southwick, before refusing to grant permission in a move that has delighted villagers.

Wiltshire Council recorded more than 200 letters in response to the application, plus objections from Southwick Parish Council and MP for South West Wiltshire, Andrew Murrison.

The application was refused on the advice of the council case officer because it was outside of Southwick’s boundary, it was too big for the village’s facilities to cope with, and it would have taken up open countryside.

John Eaton, chairman of Southwick Residents Association and campaign group, Save Our Southwick said: “We’re absolutely delighted the application has been refused – it was the right decision.

“I expect Redrow will appeal but hopefully Wiltshire Council has a strong enough case against the plan.

“Opposing this was a huge amount of work because there are so many reports and documents to read and understand. It was a big effort by the village and our volunteers have achieved a huge amount.

“I think the council did take our views into consideration and that played a big part in the decision. Now we need to turn our attention to the even bigger Gladman application which will be decided in August.

“Southwick is a village with a village infrastructure; it can’t cope with hundreds more houses.”