AS Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk takes the silver screen by storm this week, a documentary that looks at Trowbridge’s role in building the iconic Spitfire planes that helped win the Second World War is in dire need of funding so it can be completed.

Secret Spitfires has taken more than two years to make but needs a further £2,000 in crowdfunding by this Friday, August 4, to pay for copyright fees.

The documentary explores how Spitfires were made in towns and villages across the country and features 95 year-old Trowbridge woman, Joyce Hunt, who worked as a riveter.

Sally Boyle, who is appealing for people to help fund the film said: “Let’s not let our heritage be lost, these stories were so hard to get because of the Secrets Act that everyone had to sign in those days, so it never got talked about.

“Now is the time to know what it was really like - this will be our effort to not let them or their work be forgotten.”

To watch the Secret Spitfires trailer or donate to the Crowdfunder go to