AN impressive array of exhibits were on display at St James' Church on Saturday for the Trowbridge and District Horticultural Society's 70th annual flower and produce show.

More than 100 people gazed upon the contributions of the society's 35 members who brought in around 100 prized vegetables, fruits and crafts at the church hall in Union Street.

Trowbridge Town Councillor Peter Fuller and 91-year-old society president Kate Harden then presented prizes to the winners as well.

Committee member Sally Taylor was delighted with the turnout and was buoyed that after all this time, the society is still chugging along nicely.

"It was one of the best ones we have put on for a long time. The enthusiasm that people have for this society is as strong as ever and to have more than 100 exhibits on show was lovely to see," she said.

"There are too many exhibits to name but I did love the bunch of roses entry, other flower arrangements and just the mix on things on show.

"I was pleased to pick up a trophy or two myself and it was lovely to get it given to me by Cllr Fuller and Kate. She has been such a stalwart for us for so long, so to have her here yet again is just wonderful.

"There were a lot of events going on in the day so it was encouraging to see 100 or so people come in and look at the exhibits.

"I have been a society member for 20 years now and this was certainly one of the better ones. Some people do not know about us but now the support we are getting shows that our future is bright.

"And what made it even more enjoyable was having a nice chatter and some tea and cake."