COMEDIAN Jason Manford came to the rescue of his Trowbridge audience after calling for staff to bring them water to quench their thirst at the stifling civic centre.

The comic is touring the country with his Work in Progress tour and one of the stops was at the town's civic centre.

However during the stand-up routine, the audience complained that it was too hot in the venue, prompting the comic to call on staff to bring water in for the audience.

Mr Mandford said: "?It was so hot in my show in Trowbridge tonight that I had to get staff to bring water in for the audience part way through."

Dozens took to social media about the incident.

Emma Kiely posted: "It was very much appreciated - thank you. Brilliant show tonight, my tummy and cheeks hurt from laughing so much."

Kirsten Stewart Southard said: "Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd end up on your Facebook page due to lack of liquid refreshment...brilliant."

After the gig last Tuesday, civic centre manager Mike Holden said: "It is common practice for theatres to have a no drink policy in the auditorium for seated performances. This is a condition on at least 90 per cent of contracts and riders provided by promoters and agents.

"It is there to ensure that a performance is not interrupted by the noise of glasses being knocked over and to minimise toilet breaks because of the consumption of the fluids.

"This rule however isn’t applicable to the consumption of water, which as we have already mentioned is freely available from within the foyer of the Civic Centre and provided in plastic cups.

"Jason Manford had a very good gig in Trowbridge, in fact stayed way over the planned finish time. Hopefully some of the experiences he had with the Trowbridge crowd will be included in his full tour."