A YOUTH has been taken to the Royal United Hospital in Bath with head and arm injuries after falling through the roof of the old Town Bridge garage in Trowbridge town centre.

Ambulance services were called out at 1.06pm to the abandoned premises following a report that a youth had fallen through the roof of the building.

The South Western Ambulance attended with three rapid response vehicles and one ambulance.

Police were called out at 1.40pm by the ambulance services, a Wiltshire Police spokesperson said.

The youth was carried out on a stretcher and was taken to hospital with a ahead injury and a suspected fractured wrist.

Caroline Griffiths, deputy manager of Dorothy House Hospice Care Shop, which has a good view of the garage, said: “I saw an ambulance over the road, as well as police cars.

“The paramedics had stretchers and I saw the youth being taken into the ambulance on one.”