TROWBRIDGE fire station put wannabe firefighters through their paces on Sunday in a gruelling 'have a go' session.

From 10am-1pm, the half a dozen attendees were given hands-on experience by the Dorset And Wiltshire Fire And Rescue Service about what is needed to do the job.

Rebecca Johnson, of Westbury Leigh, had to endure a bleep fitness test, followed by the 11 minute, 11 second challenge, which required people to carry hoses, unravel them and run up and down with a 25kg barbell, whilst wearing a breathing apparatus and the crew's gear.

"It was a really rewarding day and one that has made me more determined than ever to become a firefighter," said the 33-year-old theatre technician.

"The crew at the Trowbridge fire station were so helpful and welcoming. They do such valuable work and I would love to be part of that effort.

"Nationally, the fire and rescue service is 95 per cent men and 96 per cent white, so hopefully women and other under-represented parts of the community can get involved too, they just need to give it a go.

"I was just eight seconds outside the time so I am close to being at the required fitness levels. I will keep working to achieve my goal.

"The applications open next week so fingers crossed I can get on board."

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