A MAN who assaulted his girlfriend's aunt while on suspended sentences for drug dealing and weapons offences has again been spared jail

Craig Moores was on a curfew when he lashed out at the woman and then her partner, who had come to her aid, after he had argued with his girlfriend.

But after hearing the 25-year-old had stayed out of trouble for four months since a judge deferred passing sentence, he was put on a community order.

Moores was arguing with his girlfriend as she felt he was not pulling his weight around the house and drinking too much, Swindon Crown Court was told.

Her aunt was at their home and after he was aggressive towards her, then ended up grappling with her partner, the court was told.

Moores, of Millhand Villas, Trowbridge, admitted common assault and assault by beating.

Ellen McAanaw, defending, said that he was on a tagged curfew at the time so could not leave the property.

She said he has been working through an agency doing labouring and factory jobs and has not been in trouble for almost a year.

Judge Robert Pawson imposed a community order after deferring sentence, on the condition he controls his drinking and stays in work.

He said "It seems to me you are growing up. I am sorry to sound patronising but that is the way it is.

"You have got your alcohol under control with Turning Point, you have worked up to September and been working since.

"You have kept your side of the deal Mr Moores and as a result I will keep mine. I am going to impose a 12 month community order."

He told Moores he must do 220 hours of unpaid work in the next year, telling him it was a 'last chance'.

Moores was first given a chance to reform in October 2015 when he was put on a suspended sentence for possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

Then in August last year he was pulled over by police as he drove on Brown Street, Trowbridge, and a knuckle duster fell from his pocket,

When officers looked in the back of the car they saw a machete laying on the seat and at the police station he was found to be almost twice the drink-drive limit.