A DESIGNATED space for science and design technology has been created by Castle Mead Primary School in Trowbridge in an attempt to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists.

Mel Jacob, current business manager of the school, said that the new Make Space is a workshop room that will be available all year around to the pupils.

The first challenge that the pupils were given was to construct a giant marble run using large pieces of guttering and golf balls took the place of marbles.

This activity was guided by Alexandra Purcell, a civil engineer from Bradford on Avon, whose aim was to improve the children's knowledge of gravity while encouraging them to be creative.

"Sustainability is important so it is useful for children to know how to use materials efficiently," she said.

Children were given a taster of knowledge about space by Peter Finn, from the European Space Agency, who taught them about plans to venture to Mars and a new international space station.

Over the half term, students were asked to draw up blueprints of crazy contraptions inspired by Wallace and Gromit, including a portable fridge and a machine with the function of tidying.

Castle Mead school strongly believes in creativity and is working hard to allow their students access to real examples of science and design technology.

"Children will learn some great skills in woodworking as well as bringing their ideas to life," said Steve Savage, Design and Technology teacher.