A distraught wife and mother has taken to social media in a desperate bid to find her wedding and engagement rings after loosing them in Warminster.

Nuala O'Neill, 40, from Plymouth was driving back home from a week at her sisters in West Sussex with her two daughters, Illiyana, 4, and Raiona, 3 months, when she took off her rings whilst driving in the heat.

Placing them on her lap, Mrs O'Neill forgot about the rings when she got out of the car at Starbucks West Knoyle and a layby on Chaddenwick Hill, both just off the A303.

Mrs O'Neill said: "I am so upset to have lost my rings, they are worth very little in monetary value, but they are priceless to me.

"They are a symbol of my wedding vows which are very important to me, and I just feel naked without them.

"I've had friends and family asking me if me and my husband, Stephen are still together, and I keep having to reassure them we are fine, I was just silly enough to loose the rings.

"It seems too much to hope for to get them back, but it would mean the world to me."

The family parked round the back in the very last parking space at the Starbucks when they stopped for refreshments, and have been in contact with the store manager but have had no luck in finding the rings.

Around 10 minutes later Mrs O'Niell pulled over in the layby on Chaddenwick Hill to tend to three-month-old Raiona who was crying.

Mrs O'Niell believes the rings could have been lost at either of these locations, as well as a third stop she made at Exeter services.

If anyone has any information or finds the rings please contact Amy at The Wiltshire Times on 01225 773609.