A COUPLE grieving the loss of their stillborn son visited his grave on Monday to discover a huge mound of soil had been dumped on top of it.

Mark and Vicky Evans, of Wren Close, Warminster, went to Pine Lawns Cemetery, Warminster, to pay their respects to baby Jack and discovered flowers had been moved to one side and a 5ft pile of dirt completely covering his plot.

Jack was stillborn after Mrs Evans had a miscarriage when she was eight months pregnant.

Mrs Evans was very distressed by the discovery, especially as there were three other places the freshly dug soil could have been put without covering anyone’s plot.

Mr Evans, 42, said he is horrified that this has been allowed to happen.

“We only buried Jack four weeks ago so we visit daily,” he said.

“They had hammered stakes and boards into his plot and filled it with 5ft of dirt.

“You couldn’t get to his plot at all.

“I don’t often complain about anything. If he was buried in a long line of people I would understand.

“The plot they have just dug is now on the side of the plots, so the dirt could have gone on the other side of the hole.”

Mr Evans was planning to move the soil from his son’s grave on Tuesday morning, but he said there was so much of it he couldn’t even get started.

The grave had been left totally inaccessible, as the dirt covered the whole area.

Gravediggers had even moved his name tag, as he doesn’t have a headstone yet, and moved recently laid flowers to one side to make room for the large mound of soil.

Mr Evans, who has four other children with his wife Vicky, said “I can’t explain it, it is heartbreaking knowing my son is under there.

“It is bad enough he is in the ground but to have rubble dumped on top of it is horrendous.

“These people that do it must have half an ounce of common sense, nobody deserves to see that.

“It is totally disrespectful.”

Pine Lawns Cemetery is maintained by Wiltshire Council.

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said: “We are extremely sorry for the distress caused to the Evans family.

“As soon as we were made aware we apologised to Mr Evans and took steps to ensure the grave was cleared of soil and put back to its original state as quickly as possible.

“We’re working with our contractors to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

Mr Evans added: “I’m glad they have apologised but I don’t think they are looking at it in the same way as me.”