THE monkeys and lions at Longleat Safari Park had a shock when a British Army tank rolled rolled through the grounds last week.

The 27.5 tonne caterpillar tracked vehicle is not a usual sight for the mischievous monkeys who are used to tearing off windscreen wipers off cars, and the lions were also taken aback by facing something tougher than themselves!

However they did not seemed phased by the whopping great tank, but were certainly curious and wasted no time checking it out.

Climbing across the tank and walking down the gun, the animals took full advantage of exploring the vehicle.

In spite of both the monkeys’ and the lions’ best efforts the Warrior, which has a three-man crew and can accommodate up to seven troops, emerged entirely unscathed from the encounters.

It will be returning to Longleat, which signed the Military Covenant earlier this year, at the end of the month to take part in a new Military Spectacular event to celebrate the work of the Armed Forces.