AN adorable litter of kittens found under an oak tree at Longleat Safari Park in Warminster have now been rehomed.

The five kittens and their mother are settling in to their new loving homes thanks to the Mere and Gillingham Branch of Cats Protection, after being found at Longleat when the mother cat approached a ranger at Longleat in search of food.

Mere & Gillingham Co-ordinator Sandy Hugglestone, who has cared for the litter since they were found said: “The mother and her kittens were lucky to be found by one of the rangers, and we were delighted to help care for the litter, and all the kittens have now been rehomed.

"We tried to find the mother cat's owners but as she was not microchipped we were unable to trace them.

"We encourage owners to get their cats microchipped so that it is easier to re-unite them when they go missing.

“We would also urge owners to get their pet cats neutered as they are such prolific breeders. Just one unneutered cat can produce up to 18 offspring in a year so neutering will help to prevent more unwanted kittens like these in the future.”

Stacey Lee, the Longleat ranger who made the furry discovery said: “I had become very attached to the mother cat, who we named Ranger 7 as we are a team of six rangers.

"Sandy said I could visit her and see Ranger 7 and her five kittens at any time until they were all ready to find their forever homes.

"I adopted Ranger 7 and Pebbles, one of the oak tree kittens, and I would like to say thank you to Sandy and Cats Protection for all their help. I’m so pleased there is a happy ending to this incredible story.”