TEENAGER Brett Riley, who won a scholarship for Warminster School after appearing on a television documentary, is staying on for two more years to further his education.

Sixteen-year-old Brett was a pupil at The Bemrose School when he appeared in the programme School Swap: The Class Divide, swapping lives with a group from Warminster School.

He warmed the hearts of millions of viewers during his appearance on the programme in 2015 which resulted in the offer of a full scholarship at the Wiltshire School.

After picking up five GCSEs at grade C and above, including Maths and English, Brett has now taken up a place in the school’s sixth form where he is studying for qualifications in Business, Photography and PE.

Brett said: “It was quite hard to adjust to life here a Warminster School at first but now I love it and I’m proud of myself for knuckling down and getting good results.

"If I’d stayed at home I’d have spent all my spare time on the Xbox and messing about, but when I came to Warminster I knew I would regret wasting the chance I’d been given for the rest of my life.

“Derby will always be my home and I miss my family and girlfriend. But I know I’m so lucky to have been given this chance. I often think about being picked for the TV programme and I know it was a life changing moment.”

“We are treated much more like grown-ups in the sixth form and I wear a suit for school now. I’ve also got a dinner suit for special dinners which makes me feel a bit like James Bond."

Brett’s place is being supported by The Springboard Bursary Foundation and The Bemrose school has also contributed to the cost of Brett’s new education.

Headmaster of Warminster School, Mark Mortimer, said: “I’m delighted to say that Brett wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity that was given to him and has done tremendously well in his GCSEs.

“He has a determination to be the first person in his family to get A-levels and has ambitions to work in property. I am confident that Brett can achieve whatever he sets out to and all the staff are very proud of the way he has become a valued member of our school community.”