A HOMELESS man in Warminster has received a lot of attention on social media as the community pull together to try to find him a form of shelter as the winter draws in.

Forty-eight-year-old Paul Spill has been homeless for eight years and is often seen with his dog Spike sat outside Lloyds bank in the town centre.

A letter written by the Community Policing Team in Warminster to help Mr Spill renew his license to sell the Big Issue has received a lot of attention on social media, with local people commenting on how he deserves shelter for the winter.

Traci Simpson-steele said: “ The whole of Warminster knows about this man and discussions have been had on here many times regarding him, he has always been very polite and I wish my own dog was as well behaved as his was.”

Lena Hill said: “I asked him if he would like a hot drink and something to eat, he did, I have had conversations with him and he has always been polite and grateful, I have even witnessed him share his food.”

Mr Spill became homeless when he lost his brother, mother, father and wife within four years, and he turned to depression. He has now got himself a tent which he has set up on private land by the train station, and has been given a key and padlock for the gate by the land owner.

He said: “I heard about lots of people in the town being very supportive in trying to find me a shelter, I was amazed.

“Everyone is very generous.”

Community Policing Office Mary Moore said: “Paul is a very nice man, he has never caused us any trouble and is always polite.

“He really does deserve a place to shelter as the winter comes.”