A Westbury mum is desperately searching to get back her treasured childhood memories after a mix up at a boot sale.

Sarah Perrett, 49, of Hackney Way has taken to social media in a frantic bid to retrieve a set of children books, which were mistakenly sold at Ashton Common boot sale on Sunday August 6.

The series of books by children's author Graham Oakley are known as The Church Mouse, and hold a very sentimental value to Ms Perrett, as her mother and father would read them them to her as a child.

Ms Perret said: "It would mean the absolute world to me if I was able to get the books back, they hold so many memories for me.

"My parents handwriting is in each one of them, so they should be quite recognisable."

The collection of around 10 books ended up being sold at the boot sale when they were placed near a pile of things to be sold, and Ms Perrett forgot to move them before her son, George, 12, loaded up the car and headed off to the sale.

Ms Perrett said: "I am so upset about the books being sold and so is my son, its not his fault at all and he wants me to have them back as much as I do.

"I just completely forgot to move them away from the pile of bits he was going to take to the boot sale.

"I didn't realise until we were in the car the next day when I asked how he had gotten on, and he said the Church Mouse books were the best seller.

"I almost crashed the car when he said that."

Ms Perrett's post on Facebook has gained a lot of response, with over 850 shares from people trying to help find the whereabouts of her much loved books.

If you have the books or hold any information which may help Mrs Perrett in her search, please contact The Wiltshire Times on 01225 773609.