RESIDENTS in Brokerswood have raised concerns about lorries blocking the road while delivering holiday homes to the new Haulfryn Holiday Park.

The firm has been given planning permission for 90 homes, which are in the process of being delivered to Brokerswood either via Southwick or North Bradley, or through Westbury and along Fairwood Rood.

The pre-assembled homes are being brought in to the former country park on the back of large trucks and there have been issues with traffic trying to pass as they are being unloaded.

The company plans to sell the homes, with a starting price of £195,000.

Richard Gregory, 65, of Fairwood Road said: "I was trying to take my wife to a doctor's appointment and the road was just completely blocked.

"To get through I had to go over the grass verge which is clearly very dangerous.

"I ended up having to call the police as I was sure an accident was going to happen.

"I was in my car right next to the truck that was unloading. If the home had tipped I would have been flattened."

A resident of Silver Street Lane, who didn't want to be named, has raised concerns about the legality of the development.

"I think the bigger problem here is that Haulfryn has been given planning permission on based on a loophole in the law," they said.

"You cannot get planning permission to build on the land in this area, and they have only got it by calling their homes static caravans.

"However they are permanent homes which they will be selling on a 20-year lease."

A spokesman from Haulfryn said: "We have worked closely with Wiltshire Council on the company’s plans to regenerate Brokerswood Holiday Park through significant investment in the park’s infrastructure and facilities.

"Tourism is a key aspect of the county’s economy and we’re excited to have started work to create a premier tourist destination for Wiltshire.

"We have defined an access route for all construction traffic via Southwick Road and are writing to neighbouring residents to inform them of the timescale for the works and to provide them with a point of contact should they need one.

"Our employees and contractors will aim to minimise any disruption to local residents throughout the duration of the project.

"Full details of the planning approval, which includes conditions ensuring properties are not used as permanent residences, are available on the Wiltshire Council website."