The water supply in the Westbury area has been restored.

After a water main burst yesterday evening, many residents of Westbury, Westbury Leigh and Dilton were left with low water pressure or a cut off in the supply.

Around 1,400 customers were affected by loss of supply, and Wessex Water arranged for 65,000 litres of bottled water to be made available as well as distributing water to customers with specific needs.

Ashlea Lane, director of water supply at Wessex Water said: “The burst water main affected a large part of the Westbury area and our engineers have been working throughout the night to carry out repairs.

“We provided bottled water for customers at two locations in Westbury and also provided water to homes of customers who required it for medical purposes.

“We apologise to customers in the area who have been affected and thank everyone for their patience and understanding.”

Bottled water is still avialble from White Horse Health Centre, Westbury.

Wessex Water said there is a possibility that some customers may experience discoloured water and if this occurs to run the tap for a short while until it clears.

Please visit for more information on discolouration.