A keen fundraiser from Westbury has been clocking up the miles as he trains for three upcoming marathons to raise money for a disability charity.

Originally from South Africa, Grant Savides, 41 has just completed the Bristol Great Run and is now in training for the Bournemouth Marathon, Bath Half and London Marathon.

Despite being new to running and completing his first race earlier this year with just three months training, Mr Savides is passionate about raising money for a charity close to his heart, Leonard Cheshire Disability.

He said: "I was raised in a country that is rich in diversity and until about 20 years ago looked down on people that were considered different.

"A disability does not make a person different, they breathe air like I do and bleed like I do but they choose and have the will to live the same way I do, and Leonards Cheshire will always be my charity of choice."

Mr Savides keeps up with a disciplined training schedule which involves two 20k runs a week, as well as other shorter runs everyday.

He is aiming to raise at least £2500 for the Bournemouth marathon, and £3000 for the Bath Half and London marathons.

He said:"I feel that although I am raising as much as I can for this cause, what I am doing is nothing compared to what the volunteers do at the charity,

"But if the money I raise helps them out or makes their jobs a little bit easier then it makes it all worth it.

"For me, running all these marathons is not for any personal achievement, it's completely for the charity's benefit that is the only reason I do it."

To donate please visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Grant-Savides.