WESTBURY Court Care Home have launched a new support drop in session for their residents living with dementia.

The launch of a new dementia cafe took place on September 29 and saw residents and their families gather in St Bernadettes's Catholic Church in Westbury to enjoy teas, coffees and cakes.

The residents also took part in a reminiscence activity where they were presented with a box containing smells thought to be familiar from past experiences at home such as a tool box and a shed. A seated exercise class was also lead by Oomph, a organisation which specialises in activities and days out for care home residents.

Louise Gover, dementia lead at Westbury Court Care Home said: "We are very excited to be launching the cafe sessions, and we will be holding all sorts of different activities every fortnight which will be focused on a different topic.

"Family members and careers are welcome to come along to these sessions too, we hope we will see all sorts of people come to share their experiences.

"The benefit of the activities will be very beneficial to the residents, as it will help to stimulate short term memories through smell, music and other things. Music in particular is very powerful in bringing back memories."

The dementia cafe will be held fortnightly on a Friday morning from 11am-12.30pm, the next session will be on October 13. The sessions will be held at the home.

Shirley Vincent, who has been a resident at the home for around six months said: "I am looking forward to going to the cafe sessions every fortnight, I am sure I will really enjoy them.

"I think the reminiscence activities especially will be very good for us, and I look forward to the first session."