Lacock residents were seeing stars this week, as two TV film crews took over the village for a series of stunts.

BAFTA Award-winning CBBC hosts Dick and Dom dropped into Lacock Primary School on Tuesday for a lesson on photography, as they filmed a new episode of their educational science show Absolute Geniuses.

The show, which sees the cheeky duo investigate a different genius each week, was looking at Henry Fox Talbot, who developed modern photography techniques at Lacock Abbey in the 19th century.

The school itself was built by Fox Talbot, and the children were keen to hear how of the village’s role in developing photography.

Dom, full name Dominic Wood, said: “It has been a big learning adventure for us as well, as Fox Talbot isn’t someone everyone knows about.

“We always make sure we do some research beforehand, but for this programme we take on the role of the viewer, so we’re on a journey to learn about the geniuses we cover as well.”

Richard McCourt, or Dick, said: “For the show we’re going to be taking photographs using the same chemicals used by Talbot.

“I don’t think people realise just how big the first flash was; it was a minor explosion each time, and it’s been great to come here to find out more.”

A few days earlier the village was brought to a halt by Top Gear’s James May, as he pulled into town on Friday in a gleaming London bus.

The self-styled ‘Captain Slow’ caused havoc on as he attempted a three-point turn in the 11m long ‘Boris Bus’.

Onlookers came out to watch as he filmed the stunt, for a new series of BBC2’s Top Gear, including Lacock estate manager Ann Cox.

She said: “He drove down from Castle Coombe in the afternoon, and tried to do a three-point turn in Castle Street. It was pretty tight, but luckily he didn’t hit anything. Then he had a couple of ladies from one of the tea rooms running after him to jump on the bus.

“Lots of people from the village came out to see him. He wasn’t here for long, but he was very charming, and still had time to sign autographs.”

Dick and Dom’s Absolute Geniuses will air next January, with the next series of Top Gear expected later in 2014.