RDF Television - makers of David Dickinson's The Real Deal, Secret Dealers and Wheelers Dealers and Del Boys - is starting a new series Storage: Locked & Loaded, a new primetime auction series.

Based in a secret location, each episode will see five dealers bid to secure lots from our real-life auctions, each lot containing a mix of anything from lost property and bric-a-brac to reclaimed and salvaged pieces to vintage collectibles and valuable pieces of memorabilia.

There could be real value hidden in each lot, question is, who will be the person to spot it?

Following the auctions, viewers will follow the successful dealers as they try to sell their items on and make a profit.

RDF Television is now casting for 10 on-screen dealers to be the main cast of dealers, who have the character and natural flair to hold their own in an auction environment.

These could be professional or keen amateur dealers, collectors, antique enthusiasts, salvage and reclamation merchants, vendors and traders.

They will bid on an assortment of lots and once they've secured their chosen lots, they will take on the challenge of selling their items in a bid to make the most profit.

The company wants dealers with a competitive spirit, an experienced eye for a bargain and a willingness to bid across more than one area.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, call  0207 013 4076/0207 013 4062 or email davinia.richardson@rdftelevision.com

Interviewing takes place in the next few weeks.