The Conservatives came out on top in Wiltshire when the results of European Elections were announced tonight.

The Wiltshire results was announced at Christie Miller Sports Centre and will go towards the overall total for the six available South West seats.

Turnout in the county was 36.9 per cent with the Conservatives receiving 46,306 votes and UKIP coming second gaining 40,951 votes.

The Liberal Democrats received 13,260, Labour got 12, 961, Green 12,769, An Independence from Europe 2,005, English Democrats 1,336 and BNP 869.

202 votes were spoilt. Lead returning officer at the Melksham count Carlton Brand said: "I was expecting a lower turnout so I am pleased. For the last European election there was a 40 per cent turnout but that was combined with unitary elections which always pushes the figures up.

"If you compare it with general elections there is usually a 60 to 65 per cent turnout so its not fantastic from that point.

"I think the biggest surprise is UKIP coming second because nationally they were expecting to win and in Wiltshire they haven't but if you look at the results they're not a million miles away from the Conservatives."

The South West votes are now being collated and the six seats will be announced later this evening.