Cub packs from Broughton Gifford & Holt, Hilperton, Southwick & North Bradley, 1st Trowbridge, Warminster and Westbury, with 33 Cubs and 14 leaders/helpers took part in an activity at the recently opened District Campsite at Jubilee Wood.

Rain did not stop play at the start and the Cubs were excited about what lay in store.

The day started with the Cubs being put into Jungle Book Character Groups, after which they gathered wood and laid and lit the altar fires.

When the fires were alight they prepared pizza dogs and Hawaiian chicken with rice, to be cooked backwoods style, followed by Smores, toasted marshmallows sandwiched between a chocolate biscuit and a Rich Tea biscuit.

While these were cooking on the open fires the Cubs played a game, which was great fun and built up an appetite.

Lunch followed and after clearing up, the Cubs undertook four challenges, learning good Scouting skills. Certificates were presented and they sang Happy Birthday to Kieran who was celebrating his 10th birthday.

All too soon they were homeward bound, having had a good day especially when the sun came out.