Veterans from across the south west who braved sub-zero temperatures during the Second World War were being honoured by Russia at a presentation ceremony in Trowbridge today to recognise their bravery during the conflict.

The Russian Embassy invited residents who had already received the Arctic Convoy Star medal from the Ministry of Defence to come along to a presentation ceremony at County Hall on Friday, August 29, and receive the Medal of Ushakov.

A representative of the Russian Embassy - Alexander Kramarenko, Minister-Counsellor - said paid tribute to the men.

Described by wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill as ‘the worst journey in the world’, the Arctic Convoy ships of the Royal and Merchant navies made repeated perilous journeys to ensure vital supplies of both arms and food supplies reached Russian shores.

Many lost their lives to the Axis aircraft, ships and submarines but their efforts are widely recognised as helping Russia’s war effort and helping to significantly shorten the Second World War.

It has taken over 70 years for their heroic efforts to receive proper recognition.

The Medal of Ushakov is awarded to soldiers and sailors for bravery and courage displayed while risking their lives to defend the Russian Federation.