It was not just Guy Fawkes getting hot under the collar on Bonfire Night, as a team of volunteers walked across hot coals for charity.

The sponsored fire walk took place at Melksham Sainsbury’s store on Monday night, with 30 intrepid volunteers shedding shoes and socks to brave the heat.

Staff, members of the public and charity volunteers lined up to tackle the 15ft strip of burning coals in aid of Carer Support Wiltshire, Sainsbury’s designated community charity for the year.

After a training session with marshalls from UK Firewalks, all of the participants completed the challenge in the car park, gaining a certificate in the process.

Dean Adams, senior carer support worker at Carer Support Wiltshire, said: “The floor in the car park was actually colder than the fire was hot.

“The talk before made me more nervous than I was before I started, but once I had done it, it was all fine.”

Mumunur Wahid, who travelled from Bath, said: “It went much better than I expected. We had an hour session with the guys from UK Firewalk, who talked us through a bit of the history of firewalking.”

Carer Support Wiltshire offers help and advice to the county’s carers coping with dementia, learning disabilities or mental health issues.

Sainsbury’s in Melksham will be raising money for it throughout the year, with a Christmas taster session next on its schedule.