A LACOCK family firm has celebrated its 40th anniversary by inviting customers to a ruby day.

Watling Goldsmiths, in East Street, welcomed 300 people to last Friday’s event at the shop, run by siblings Jane Watling, 50, and John Watling, 46.

They took over about 20 years ago, after the deaths of their parents, Graham and Jean.

Mrs Watling, who started there as a teenager, said: “It was a great day and it was particularly crazy, as this is a busy time of the year for us anyway.

“People travelled from all over to be here and there were also three generations of families who’ve stayed loyal to us.”

The firm produced special ruby jewellery to tie-in with the milestone.

The store has customers across the country, including Olympic skeleton bob racer Amy Williams.

Mrs Watling said: “Having jewellery custom-made for you is a very personal thing, but there are certainly a few local celebrities who come here.

“I know the favourite part of it for both of us is creating speciality pieces for our customers.”