Wiltshire Council announced plans to reform their education department this afternoon which could see up to 20 people lose their jobs.

At a briefing, held at Trowbridge Civic Centre, the council’s senior director for schools and learning, Stephanie Denovan, outlined plans with 129 people being considered at risk and given the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy.

Wiltshire Council expect to lose around £3m in funding for education when their budget is confirmed in March and in anticipation of this they’ve already made around £2.4m in cuts but said redundancies are needed to make up the shortfall.

“It is very hard to be specific at this stage but we are looking at around 18-20 full time equivalent redundancies,” said Mrs Denovan. “I don’t want to lose anyone as I’ve worked here for a number of years, built up some really good teams and value the staff.

“For those leaving us we will do everything we can to support them with their future opportunities as they have all done very well representing Wiltshire.”

None of the staff placed at risk are teachers but they do work in early years, primary, secondary, post 14 and adult education with others being administrative staff.

After Wednesday’s meeting, staff were given the opportunity to consider voluntary redundancy with a deadline of February 1 being in place for them to apply for it.