Swimmers have spoken of their anger at the news that Westbury Swimming Pool is to  close again,  just weeks after it reopened.

Wiltshire Council said the pool is having to be closed next month because of issues with the original refurbishment work, leaving mem-bers of the local swimming club frustrated once again.

Wiltshire Council said the pool will be closed again from March 4 so repair works can be carried out safely on the previous pool lining material used by contractors, which has failed.

Work on the pool, which  closed in November for seven weeks for essential maintenance before re-opening on January 14, is expected to take up to four weeks to complete.

The council, in partnership with DC Leisure who manage the facility on the council’s behalf, advise customers to check their website for further updates.

Westbury Amateur Swim-ming Club coach Steven Pyne said: “It is really disappointing that it is going to close again so soon after the refurbishment.

“They had to delay the first time as there were some issues and now something else has gone wrong. The whole thing is not acceptable.

“It is very difficult for the club as members will start to go elsewhere if they can’t use the pool. It also costs more money in transport to get to other pools and short bookings cost more.”

A spokesman for Wiltshire Council, said: “We apologise for any inconvenience, but some of the previous refurbishment work was not carried out satisfactorily, including the lining of the pool and some paintwork.

“We will make every effort to keep this closure as short as possible.”

Ian McGill, from Chichester Park, Westbury, who was part of the Save the Westbury Pool campaign, said: “Personally, I think it is a tragedy that after spending all this money on it being refurbished it has to close again so soon. One has to question whether the work was done properly the first time, or whether it was something they couldn’t have foreseen.

“If it is the fault of the contractors then it also brings into question the rest of the refurbishment, as they also replaced the boilers, put in a new hot and cold water plant and air handling plant.

“The swimming pool is very important to Westbury and it is of great concern to everyone who uses it that it has to close again. If they have to keep closing the pool then people who use it will start going elsewhere.”