Police and community groups are hoping to revitalise the network of Neigh-bourhood Watch schemes and cut down crime rates in Trowbridge.

The Wiltshire force plans to recruit a new community area co-ordinator for the 134 groups in the town.

Each already has its own organiser, but the new co- ordinator would be a link between them and the police.

Officers met Wilts and Swindon Neighbourhood Watch Association chairman Gwyn Comley at the police station in Polebarn Road to discuss the future of the volunteer teams in Trowbridge.

Mrs Comley, who lives in Yewstock Crescent, Chipp-enham, said: “I am trying to find a suitable candidate to become the new community area coordinator for the town.

“I am really looking forward to working with our partners the Neighbourhood Policing Team in Trow-bridge, as they are really keen. Between us, we are hoping to rejuvenate the Neighbour-hood Watch organisation in the town.”

Mrs Comley said the groups were a valuable part of the community in Trowbridge and offered comfort to the particularly vulnerable members of society.

For the last two years, the organisation has used a system of “loop emails”, which are sent to about 20,000 people, helping organisers to keep in contact with members easily and bridging the gap between the police and the public.

Over this winter, police have launched a series of campaigns in Trowbridge to crack down on crime.

They include the introduction of drink banning orders and operations to reduce vehicle crime.

Officers believing a strong Neighbourhood Watch team will also help to make the town a safer place to live and work.

Sergeant Jim Suter said: “It has always been something close to my heart and the benefit of it is the close contact it provides with the police, as we can share information about crime trends and give out any crime prevention advice necessary.

“The email system is also very helpful, as it means we can quickly pass information to many people.”

Anyone interested in becoming Trowbridge’s new area co-ordinator, or who wants to find out more about what Neighbour Watch involves, can call Mrs Comley on 01249 654758 or email cmcmcinfo@aol.com.