Melksham Police are clamping down on anti-social behaviour at the town’s McDonalds, after an officer was assaulted trying to break up a group of unruly youths.

Large gangs have been causing problems at the Beanacre Road restaurant for several weeks, which culminated on April 4 when a police officer was pushed outside the store. Three under-16s were arrested and issued with conditional cautions, which ban them from the restaurant for six months. They have also been required to write letters of apology to the store.

Melksham community beat manager Kane Fulbrook-Smith said abusive language and behaviour would not be tolerated. “We will be setting a three-month priority, so it will be targeted with regular patrols, from both Melksham and Trowbridge officers,” he said.

“We will be taking positive action against any unruly customers, youths or adults.”

As well as swearing and intimidating other diners, large groups have caused a mess in the store, shooting spitballs and throwing drinks at staff members.

The store’s business manager Damion Francis said: “I’m getting a lot of complaints from my customers about their bad language and the mess they’re creating, and there have been several occasions where I have asked them to leave and they have stayed.

The store’s franchisee, Mike Guerin, added: “We want to work together to show other members of the public that they can come here and eat in peace, and not feel intimidated by the youths and what they are doing.”