Trowbridge Cricket Club can continue to host live music after reaching an agreement with Wiltshire Council.

 The compromise between the club, at The County Ground, and the council was struck at North West Wiltshire Magistrates’ Court in Chippenham on Tuesday.

The club must carry out a programme of soundproofing work, is limited to hosting six live music events per year and must introduce a new noise management plan.

In January, Wiltshire Council’s western area licensing sub-committee removed the club’s right to host live and recorded amplified music, following a complaint by Tracy Gates, of Downhayes Road, over noise levels. The club appealed against the ruling.

Colin Poplett, vice president of Trowbridge Cricket Club, said: “We are glad the appeal was successful. We have a lot of work to do now but we are pleased common sense prevailed.”

Mr Poplett estimates the work will cost thousands of pounds and said that the club cannot hold any recorded music or live music events until the improvements are completed.

After the initial noise complaint from Ms Gates, the club carried out a survey of around 50 neighbouring properties, with none complaining of excessive noise.

When the work is completed, music events will only be allowed to take place downstairs, with live music performances expected to be finished by 11.30pm with recorded music having to end at midnight.

In addition to the six live music events per year, the cricket club can apply to host up to 12 more music events.

A Wiltshire Council spokes-man said: “It’s pleasing we have come to an agreement with the club and we think the conditions set will represent the best outcome for the club and local residents.”