The last woman to give birth at Trowbridge Birthing Centre before it temporarily closes hopes her child will not be the final baby born there.

Alice Bristowe, 30, gave birth to Lola, who was eight days late, at the unit in Trowbridge Community Hospital on Sunday.

Mrs Bristowe, of Greenland View, Bradford on Avon, was concerned that if her baby was much later she would have to travel much further as, from Monday, the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which oversees seven maternity units, has closed the birthing unit at Trowbridge until September 29.

In this period, Trowbridge-based midwives will be covering at the region’s understaffed centres. Mothers-to-be with bookings at Trowbridge will have to go to Chippenham Birthing Unit.

Mrs Bristowe, who is married to Shrirunga, said: “I would have been very disappointed to have had to gone elsewhere as I had got to know the midwives in Trowbridge and that’s where I wanted to give birth.

“I really hope the centre reopens fully as it is a great service and it would be such a shame to lose it.”

Despite concerns, the trust insists that the centre will provide a birthing service once again, and is recruiting more midwives during the summer.

They will also be meeting Cllr Jane Scott, leader of Wiltshire Council, next week to discuss their decision.

Town councillor Peter Fuller said: “We must get this service back as soon as possible and make some noise about it.”

Trowbridge Birthing Centre will remain open throughout the summer for antenatal clinics, postnatal clinics, and parenthood sessions.