Trowbridge mobile hairdresser Pat Doel is 2013’s last Wiltshire Times Community Hero, winning the accolade for the support and friendship she offers elderly people.

Pat, 64, of Keates Close, retired around a year ago but still continues to cut the hair of some of her older clients, many of whom are in their 80s and 90s.

The grandmother said she was very surprised to receive the award.

She said: “I graciously accept this award and would like to thank those who have recognised me.

“It is nice to give a little helping hand to people and I think if everybody did, the community would be a nicer place.

“The people I visit really enjoy seeing a friendly face. I usually stay a bit longer than I actually need to and have a chat.

“I really enjoy doing it and couldn’t fully retire when I’ve got people in their nineties used to having me cut their hair.”

Pat worked as a hairdresser and dog groomer before retiring.

The December Community Hero enjoys spending time with her daughter Lorraine White and son-in-law Ben, who live in Hilperton, and her three grandchildren, Nick, 18, Alex, 12, and one-year-old Isaac.

For the last four years, Pat has volunteered at St James’ Church, in Trowbridge, stewarding and helping to prepare lunches for events.