Age UK Wiltshire is launching a campaign to encourage pensioners to claim benefits they are entitled to.

The charity says latest statistics from the Department of Work and Pensions shows that there is a lower than expected number of people in Wiltshire claiming Attendance Allowance.

This is a non means tested benefit to help people with a long term illness or disability. Those who are eligible could claim either £53 or £79.15 a week to help with personal care.

Brian Deeley, chief executive of Age UK Wiltshire, said many pensioners are unaware of the help that is available or are reluctant to make a claim, despite the fact that many are living in poverty and have been hit hard by the rising cost of food and energy bills.

He said: “Thinking they won’t get enough to make it worth claiming and not knowing if they would be entitled, were the top reasons given to Age UK for failing to make a claim, with other common barriers including people feeling too proud or embarrassed or believing the claiming process is too complicated or intrusive.”

Over the next three months Age UK Wiltshire will be hosting a number of events where its own information and advice advisers will encourage older people living locally to find out about their entitlements. They will also be able to advise on the completion of the forms and answer any queries.

For information about events in your area visit Age UK Wiltshire’s website at and for more information on Attendance Allowance call Age UK Wiltshire on (01380) 727767.