Volunteer Centre Wiltshire has drop-in session at Bradford on Avon Library on Thursday, February 13, for anyone with spare time but who doesn't know how to go about volunteering.

The centre, run by DEVELOP Enhancing Community Support, currently has more than 1,500 volunteering opportunities waiting to be filled across Wiltshire.

You could help Wiltshire Blind Association by becoming an eBay sales promoter, be a parent champion or community volunteer for ASK, which supports parents and carers, become a community lodge volunteer for Dorothy House Hospice Care of a befriender for Age UK, Splitz and Mencap.

And there are plenty more opportunities to choose from covering a wide range of activities. 

If you don’t want to make a regular commitment it is possible to join a bank of ‘one-off’ volunteers and just help out at events when you are free.

Volunteering not only helps the organisation but those volunteering can get lots of benefits too.

One volunteer says that it makes him feel valued, useful and part of the community.

Another is sure that volunteering helped her into paid employment, saying: “I’m sure the confidence and skills I gained from my volunteer role played a huge part in me getting the job.”

If you cannot attend the drop-in session at Bradford on Avon Library on February 13, from 10am-noon, phone the dedicated volunteering support line on 0845 521 6224 or visit www.volunteercentrewiltshire.org.uk

Volunteer Centre Wiltshire is part of DEVELOP Enhancing Community Support, a charity that has been commissioned by Wiltshire Council to support voluntary and community groups and individuals.