High winds toppled a Lebanon Cedar tree on to graves iin St John's Churchyard, Warminster, this week.

Witnesses saw the tree, which stands by the lychgate, topple over onto nearby gravestones on Wednesday about 4.20pm, exposing the roots in the process.

Fortunately, no-one was hurt and damage to the gravestones is minimal.

Work has already begun in the churchyard to clear the tree, an operation which is likely to cost in excess of £4,000.

It is believed that the tree had stood on the spot since the church was built, nearly 150 years ago.

Sheelagh Wurr, organist at St John's Church, said: “It’s very sad as the tree was there before the church was built, so must be at least 150 years old.

“It hasn’t caused too much damage, some of the gravestones have been tipped over but they can be put back upright. It’s a miracle more damage wasn’t done.

“It was also lucky that no-one was in the vicinity at the time and that the tree didn’t fall the other way on to Boreham Road, as that could have been much worse.”