As solar farms become an ever-familiar sight across Wiltshire, amateur photographer John Phillips snapped this bird’s eye view over Broughton Gifford.

His picture, taken from a 1947 three-seater Auster aircraft, shows the 22-hectare development being installed off Norrington Lane in the village.

Mr Phillips, from Semington, regularly takes to the skies in his friend’s plane, and he said: “We happened to be flying by and I was snapping away and I saw the development.

“They do stand out, but if the sun isn’t on them they do tend to look from a distance like a lake.

“They don’t show if you are driving along a road, but if you get a bit of height it would really stand out, so I can see people’s concerns with it.”

Installation work on the solar farm, which when completed will provide enough power for 2,700 homes, has been under way since March, and is expected to be completed by the end of June.