Warminster book illustrator Anna Shuttlewood presented a copy of her new children’s book I’m the Happiest to the town’s library on Thursday, May 29.

She also organised craft activities for children and gave a reading of the book as part of its half term activities.

The book, published by QED Publishing, is the first she has both written and illustrated.

The 28-year-old mother, who lives with husband Dale Shuttlewood and 17-month-old daughter Yana in Weymouth Street, has previously illustrated books for HarperCollins, Get Up, Tom and Catching Flies. She has also worked on Stork's Landing by Kar-Ben Publishing which is coming out this autumn.

She is exhibiting examples of her work in Waterstones bookshop, Salisbury, June 1 to 29, and in Frome, July 5 to 13.