AN ultra runner who has dedicated his life to exercising has visited a Trowbridge school to inspire children to get active and share his adventures of running 17 miles every single day.

Over seven years, Jim Plunkett-Gale, 48, from Kilmersdon will have run 30,000 miles by running every day without a single day of rest, and is currently taking part in the global Gump Challenge, replicating the huge run across America featured in the film Forrest Gump.

Pupils at Paxcroft Primary School were fascinated by Mr Plunkett-Gale who gave an inspirational talk on running and even took the children out for a run themselves.

Mr Plunkett-Gale said: “The children were so engaged in our session, and I just hope to be able to get them off the sofa and outdoors getting active.

“I have a full time job and still run everyday so I want to spread the message no matter what your commitments are, there is always time.”

Mr Plunkett-Gale is part of Hot Chilli Triathlon Group in Trowbridge, and through 2015 completed a 750 metre swim and a 20km bike ride along with his run everyday.