COUNCILLORS have called on the new operators of the Trowbridge Recycling Centre to do something about the congestion issues that plague the place.

On Monday, the Canal Road Industrial Estate centre closed for two weeks, so that FCC Environment, who were awarded a contract by Wiltshire Council to run nine recycling centres owned by the authority, so that refurbishment and improvement works could take place.

Wiltshire Councillors Graham Payne and Ernie Clark have long been critical of the layout of the site, which was run by Hills Waste Solutions, as it had a lot of traffic problems due to cars turning in from the left and right from Canal Road, causing long tailbacks.

However both are hopeful that FCC can make better use of the site and ease these congestion problems.

"I think this could be a short term loss but a long term gain. A refurbishment and improvement programme could be just talk but I am hopeful they can deliver to tackle these problems," said Cllr Clark.

"Hills lost the contract and I think FCC can now reorganise it and make it more user friendly and cut down on the traffic problems because at times it can be very chaotic. On a Saturday in particular you can get dozens of cars waiting for nearly half an hour due to the hold-ups on Canal Road. If they rejig the internal layout, I hope there can be a different and improved traffic flow system.

"It is a shame it will be closed until November 26 but they are doing it by rotation so you can go to a nearby one."

Cllr Payne was less optimistic about easing congestion problems there and he also said that a different centre should be used as this one is too small for the population.

"If they can improve the traffic there, then great, but for me it is in the wrong place and it is too small for its population and size," he said.

"The long term solution is not to have it on a major traffic route. I think they should only do left turns in and out of there as the traffic can be horrific. You can be stuck there for 30 minutes with 40 cars waiting at one time on a Saturday.

"I hope things will improve but I am not sure that they will or can. Wiltshire Council said that where possible, FCC would improve the layout, so I hope that is here."

The closest centre to use for people whilst the Trowbridge one is closed is Bowerhill Industrial Estate, Lancaster Rd, Melksham, which is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

FCC failed to respond in time for when Wiltshire Times went to press.