ANGER is growing amongst Trowbridge councillors who have criticised the owners of Trowbridge Lodge Park for chopping down trees ‘unnecessarily’.

Following complaints from residents about tree roots growing into their mobile homes at the West Ashton Road site, the tree preservation order (TPO) that protected trees surrounding the area was removed by Wiltshire Council earlier this year.

However, the owners of the site, Tingdene Parks Ltd, have been accused of felling trees at an alarming rate and not caring about the environment.

“I went down there six months ago in the run-up to the election and I was struck by how many trees were gone, transforming a very beautiful woodland into a much less special place,” said Cllr Peter Fuller.

“In that time, more mobile homes have gone up, which begs the question, are they doing this just to make a profit at the expense of the environment and the wildlife that lives there?

“I do not doubt that there were genuine concerns about the roots but now it really seems it has gone well past that point.

“The town council are very concerned because many of us feel they are chopping down trees unnecessarily. There are large gaps forming. I hope Wiltshire Council will act on this because it is not on.”

Cllr Geoff Whiffen added: “More trees are being cut down and it is not right. It is bad for the environment and devastating for the woodland.

“Tingdene need to look after it better. I sympathise with Wiltshire Council’s countryside officer, David Wyatt, because he was inundated with requests about roots from the trees causing problems, so the tree preservation orders for some trees were removed but it has gone too far.

“Residents have told me that two large maples are to be removed and recently five others have gone. It is like a felling free for all.”

Tingdene refused to comment on this.

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said: “This site is privately owned and maintained, and our role is to make decisions on TPOs we receive. We are aware of the tree-related issues on this site and are arranging a meeting with Tingdene and the town council to talk about this further so we can gain a clearer picture of the situation.”