A PROJECT to renovate the Old Silk Works in Warminster into a dementia centre for Alzheimers Support has received a £50,000 grant from a national charity.

The grant, given by London-based charity the Wolfson Foundation, comes just after a fundraising campaign was launched last month to cover the costs of the renovation.

The £50,000 will cover a big proportion of these costs.

Chief executive Babs Harris said: “This is brilliant news. It really is the best Christmas present we could have wished for. We are so grateful to the Wolfson Foundation for supporting this project.

“Work is already underway on the building and we have had fantastic community support, but this finally makes our dream a reality.”

When fully renovated, The Old Silk Works will provide a purpose-designed day club and activity rooms as well as a base for the charity’s specialist staff and a meeting space for the community.

Paul Ramsbottom, chief executive of the Wolfson Foundation said: “The Wolfson Foundation is a charity that supports excellence, including in healthcare. Dementia is a growing health issue in the UK. It affects not only those suffering with it, but also their loved ones.

“We were very impressed by this project. Alzheimer’s Support has shown very clearly that there is a significant need in south west Wiltshire, and has matched that with a very creative and compassionate response.”

After already raising £5,000 from fundraising and along with the grant, £30,000 is left to be raised to help furnish and equip the venue.

To donate see www.alzheimerswiltshire.org.uk.