WE had an excellent win over Dorchester last weekend and I sense a real inner steel in our (Trowbridge) squad at the moment.

People talk about playing attractive rugby and that’s all well and good, but you have to earn the right to play.

Sometimes, at local level, you can just get a bit bogged down with the history of playing against some teams.

You often hear players talking about how a particular side is strong up front or in other areas and it’s easy to leave yourself with a disadvantage before the game has even started.

Especially in our division we play a lot of local derbies and sometimes that brings out a different mentality.

What we have worked on is getting our players into the mindset that it is just another game, rather than getting bogged down in putting one over on your local rivals.

We’re sitting nicely in the table at the moment but, believe me, there will be more drama to come before the season is out.

Last week’s return to the Heineken Cup action demonstrated once again to me that there has to be a real look at the structure of the season in the north hemisphere.

After the highs of the autumn Test series for our teams, it must be hard for some of these guys to come back into a competition which is virtually at Test-level intensity.

I think that’s been reflected in some of the performances For me, the season just needs to be organised better – it’s about getting top players to peak at the right time.

If things are done in the right way, with games in the right block, not just players but supporters will also benefit.

You want to see the best players performing at their best but, from the clubs’ point of view, they are not going to rest players who have been involved in three or four big Test matches because the Heineken Cup is an important competition for them.

At the moment, it feels like this season’s Heineken Cup hasn’t started yet and it’s something that needs to be looked at.

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