Isn’t it a bit rich that Alison Phillips should write in support of a new secondary school on the Hilperton Gap once the proposed relief road has been built?

The main reason put forward is ‘local schools for local children’.

A few years ago, the Diocese of Salisbury offered to build (at its own expense) a new secondary school on the Hilperton side of Trowbridge.

Despite the fact this would have been non-selective on religious grounds, their offer was rejected by the council which preferred instead to extend the existing facilities at John of Gaunt and Clarendon schools.

It would seem inappropriate therefore to impose a large development on an area whose residents have already been betrayed by those who purport to represent them or whose salaries they pay.

Nobody disputes that Hilperton needs a relief road. But a ‘solution’ which merely moves the problem to blight the lives of people on Horse Road, Wyke Road and Victoria Road should not pave the way for further development that destroys the quality of life for others.

Mary Tapping,
Horse Road,
Hilperton Marsh.