SADLY people do not plan ahead and drive at speed not realising there is a Give Way line on roundabouts.

They no longer understand their Highway Code or update themselves with it. They do speed around corners and often without looking.

They shout out abuse and rant and rave not understanding that their horn is a warning and not something to blow as they hit the acceleration pedal and speed towards you. There is no manners on our roads or respect for others, just selfishness.

I think it is time we started having T-junctions giving way to each direction where no-one has right of way and do away with roundabouts that encourage speed due to lack of education on how to use them.

Mobile phones: a fine is a waste of time as I see 20-60 people a day using them but I do drive all day for a living, so perhaps I would, but why don’t the police see them?

Insurance firms are the main blame as they pay out to the guilty illegally parked vehicles facing the wrong way and on double yellow lines.

Castle Street in Trowbridge is no left turn but 2-4,000 cars go left from the town centre each day and the traffic lights on Longfield roundabout have cars daily going though red lights as people see green and forget the others are at red.

Andrew Hungerford, Churchlands, North Bradley